Simple Gap Assessment Template Excel

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Understand your customer expectations by downloading gap assessment and using excel template which is available in ready to use form. Strategy and road map sheets available in excel template is also a useful way to identify your goals and outlining ways to achieve them. If you are a part of running contact center and you are required to achieve target on daily basis, you can do this by gap analysis template excel.

Your team is composed of various agents, and therefore organizing your team in a way to achieve targets is easy. You can bring improvement in the potential and capability of workers by implementing new plans in your call center. Your gap analysis spreadsheet consists of solutions faced in your department or for the whole organization.

Gap Analysis Template Excel

Gap Assessment Template Excel Format

If you are creating your own sheet, it must hold the following information: For complete Gap analysis documentation check the post here.

  • Target audience: even though, whether it is a call center or a company, it is important to understand which the category of people you should target is. In includes gender differentiation, age group and likes.
  • Region: if you are unable to achieve sales target in specific region do look for the competitive brand, which is getting most sales. Customer’s likes and dislikes can be observed as well.
  • Surveys: organize survey in specific region to get the information related to your audience and your product ideas in the minds of customer, which is worthwhile for improvement.

Gap Assessment User Journey Template in Excel

Your project must pass successfully through all the stages before it is accomplished, which can be ensured through gap assessment document as difference in the outcome and time can be seen and managed easily. Involve your call center agents in the meetings and discussions before setting targets for them, to increase their motivations towards work.

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