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If you love visiting the restaurants with your family or friends, you may have come across situation, when amount mentioned in menu is not actually in the bill; this is because there are different types of taxes added in the bill. These taxes are not same like general taxes, in fact these are actually taken by restaurant owners themselves and therefore they do differ for different cafes and restaurants. To help you getting realized about the types of these taxes and fact behind them, service tax on food serves in restaurant are added here.

Check some restaurant daily sale report template in excel format and save record of every transaction, this would be impact on paying annual Tax.

Types of Service Tax on Food Served In Restaurant

Here are common types of taxes which are actually confronted by customers:

Service tax

  • It is actually the tax which is taken by owners themselves and therefore it does differ for each restaurant.
  • Usually these charges are applicable, if you are making a dining at restaurant, however some restaurants provide free dining.


  • This is the type of tax charged by each restaurant, because it is actually paid out to government.
  • This is the tax customer must pay when he is availing services of any sort or buying out any commodity, therefore it do have specific percentage as well.

Vat and Service Tax on Restaurant Bill 2017

It is good practice to check your restaurant bills, before actually paying them out to realize the amount of service tax and VAT. Generally service charges keep increasing with time and for the purpose, you can check service charges charged by different restaurants in 2016.

  • Applicability of service tax on restaurant
  • Restaurant service tax abatement notification no
  • Service tax rate for restaurants 2016-17


Check the procedure of tax calculation restaurant bill format, in multiple hotels and restaurant although some restaurant having own system to calculate this, but for user point of view this can be same.

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