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You can now have instant access to the services in your hotel through business quotation sheets. They are prepare in word tool and available in various formats. Hotelrestaurant sheets are also useful in reviewing your place assets and liabilities. To tell the truth, your hotel rating is dependent on the services available there. You can now provide same details to your clients on the phone and face to face. This is possible through company quotation sheets.  Moreover, If you are aiming to target VIP class, you may need to improve the services. Do provide accurate details to your clients, when asked on phone.

Quotation templates are useful for the owners, staff and clients as well. They provide you assistance fully. Word templates can be used in hotels, motels and restaurants. Make some minor changes according to your needs. Furthermore, they are also beneficial for saving time. Replace manual recording system with these amazing sheets. It’s very important in creating monthly restaurant profit and loss statement sheet.

Company Quotation Format for Hotels in Word Template

These professionally designed sheets are very useful.  Their format is adjustable to your needs:

  • Making changes in these excel sheets is easy. Start by adding your “hotel name” and “logo” on the top of sheet.
  • Add background color. Use the one indicating your company, such as red and white shows first aid.
  • Add “customer name”, “company” and “contact details” in the sheet as well.
  • Don’t miss out state any of your service in the sheet. Add table in the sheet to make them more visible.
  • Especially, Add list of your services and price charged by you. Don’t forget to write specialties of our hotel. For example “if it is located to market in remote area”, do mention it.
  • Show unit price and then calculate total price along with the sub total amount.
  • Before showing net amount do mention tax amount and tax percentage.
  • Considering discount, write it down. Deduct the amount from subtotal and therefore showing the net amount charged.

Request for Company Quotation Format Word

Customers estimate charges by reviewing the quotation templates. to illustrate, add the price which must be acceptable to customer. In case of less bidding price by your competitors, you might lose your client.  Therefore, if you are offering any specialty, add it in the sheet. This can be “any time interval” or “skilled staff” as well.

Show the price charged for each job individually. Add materials price and labor fee as well. This is satisfying for the consumer as company quotation format is also helpful for them before approving any project.

Business Quotation Format
Business Quotation Format

Company Quotation Format Word
Company Quotation Format Word

Company Quotation and Bidding Format for Hotels Plans

  • The sheets are choice of both parties. They ensure good and long term trade affairs if both parties are agreed upon the terms.
  • Cost estimates can be made easily. By the way of example, arranging slighter higher cost is good as it ensures feat of job.
  • Your company might need them when booking rooms. This can be for trips or meetings purpose.
  • In the same way several jobs can be done well. All the data is available to you all the time. This is helpful for pricing as well. For daily hotel inventory, you must require these templates.
  • You are able to select any company on the basis of quality. Look out for superior services and comparing prices. Choice can be based on quality or quantity, dependent completely on your decision.


Company Quotation Format
Company Quotation Format

Quotation Format for Hotel
Quotation Format for Hotel

These quotation sheets are now prepared by many as they are popular for their use. Some of them are available here, which can be download in single click.


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