Sales Invoice with Tax and Shipping and Handling Calculations

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Now prevent confusions through recording transactions details in sales invoice with tax and shipping and handling calculations more efficiently. These invoices are although simple, however they can made tracking and recording really smooth and feasible. Whenever any purchase is made or service is taken, you are required to pay amounts including tax and your invoices can now be sent to customers which include these amounts.

To create an environment which prevents confusions and therefore disputes and legal troubles, it is important to use sales invoice and many companies are now switching from hand written invoices to these templates as they are easy to fill and recording is more efficient through availability of invoices in multiple copies.

Sales invoice Template

Here is a simple sales invoice designed for making sales process smooth and free of any errors:

Professional way of adding your company information

  • Add your company name and slogan.
  • Your company postal address including contact number.
  • Date and invoice number
  • Bill to and ship to company information including name, company name, address and number.
  • Comments or special instructions.

Record details of the sales practically.

  • Specialized way of tracking sales like sales person, P.O number, ship date, ship via, F.O.B point and terms.
  • Quantity, description, unit price and amount are recorded in individual table.
  • Subtotal, tax rate, sales tax, shipping and handling amounts and total is sum of all, calculated at the end.

Retail Invoice Format in Excel Free

One of the biggest advantage of using these invoices are, that you are able to specify any terms related to payment and your customers are always able to contact you, if they have any confusion or question in their mind regarding this invoice.

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