Missing Poster Template Word {Person-Pet}

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Finding a missing person is really complicated sometime therefore poster templates are used for the purpose. These are composed in word tool, therefore adding picture and information is easy. Wanted poster templates are fundamental for safety and protection of local people therefore they are placed randomly to find a criminal. Missing poster template for word is efficient as they include the picture and other data which can be observed by people everywhere.

The posters are placed at different places which are most often visited by people, therefore the missing person can become prominent for people and if someone fined him, he is able to contact the number mentioned on the poster which is generally of the relative or family member and or of police station.

Missing Poster Template Word Format

Different types of styles are used for these templates and some of the prominent information is mentioned here:

Missing: Usually the title is bold and written in bright colored to become prominent. Use the title of missing on the top in the large writing style.

Information: Information of the male or female is then added in the poster which includes DOB, age, sex, race, eyes, hair and missing from.

Picture: Clear picture of the person increases chances that he will be found soon. Use bigger picture rather than small.

Contact number: Number mentioned must be clear and in working condition.

Missing Poster Template Word

Missing Poster Template for Person

  1. Missing since
  2. Identifying characteristics
  3. Please share
  4. Reward money

Wanted Person Template Sample

You may have come across posters in the market which is holding a face and reward money. It includes the picture of a person who is wanted by police and he is therefore threat to people. The posters helps in finding the right person and he can be instantly caught as person is able to contact the police station with the help of contact number mentioned on it.

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