Example of Stock Sheet for Hotel

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Stock sheets for hotels are designed by professionals using excel templates added here. Example of these sheets can be observed here. Restaurant inventory sheets and business inventory sheets examples can also be seen here. Stock management is an essential function and operation in the business as business smooth functions and life is dependent on effectively and accuracy of this operation.

Example of stock management can be observed in departmental stores and pharmaceuticals stores which are more often visit by general public.

Have you ever try to think why these sheets are given so much importance in the businesses? The answer is directly linked to thinking situation when some operation of the business entirely stopped due to shortage or lack of certain raw material item in the store.

Format of Example Stock Sheet for Hotel

The stock sheet is added with the heading restaurant food inventory workbook. It gives the information regarding certain food item in the restaurant and the category of this food item.

  • Table is added holding the headings in the columns as articles, sent by floor, received by laundry, date, and time and floor number.
  • Other inventory items and their units in the store are also added in the stock sheet.

While different services are asked by guests during their stay in the hotel the one of them is laundry service provided in hotels, however it is important to use a table holding information about the articles sent from particular floor and received in basement. They are usually bed sheets, night spreads, towels and bath mats.

Hotel Balance Sheet Example

One of the financial documents holding exact information about the fixed and variable stock items in the business is balance sheet. It is also used in hotel business to let the owner’s aware about the current capability of the hotel. Example stock sheets for hotels are usually formulated in excel tool.

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