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Now you can plan and manage your multiple projects simultaneously through easy accessible deployment tracker excel template. Unlike tracking software’s and top project management software’s, which are also added here, no hard installation process is required and no technical staff to manage them, as your tracking template can best managed by your project managers and therefore deployment tracker is part of worldwide organizations and companies.

No need to pay for any technical staff or for getting any software, as this template is a single solution for all your tracking problems. It is easily accessible and can be shared with your project team and any changing’s of any sort can be added in the template and then shared with the person required. Part of this excel template can be made even more personalized if required.

Deployment Tracker Excel Template Features

Now become more proactive project manager and improve your tracking process through downloading this template:

It provides countdown dashboard for any specific project.

  • This single template can be used for multiple projects and can be repeatedly used in the organizations at same time as well.
  • Now schedule and manage your projects through having its dashboard in countdown format.
  • Time is available in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

It provides you statistics data regarding your project.

  • Fly in date and fly out date is available.
  • Remaining time for the tasks and required time is available as well to make changing’s in the schedule as required.

Excel Countdown Clock with Picture Template

Pie chart is available in such template to provide the complete picture of the project to project manager. It includes current day, current time, days completed, days left and total length. Days completed are shown in red color on the pie chart.

Deployment Countdown Pie Chart

Check out in Pie Chart visual for more detail, you can edit this chart and use in you project plan.  Some example of PIE chart is mention below, so you can just pick and comment us for editing.

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