Daily Hotel Sales Report Template {Excel-Word}

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Hotel sales on daily and weekly basis are observable quickly through sales templates and reports formulated on sales basis. Retail stores sales and monthly sales are quickly reviewed through these templates. Hotel is earning from multiple sources and by providing different services required by guests during their stay in the hotel.

Recreational activities are also added in specific hotels to make visitors happier during their stay and joining these activities. Check out Stock sheet for hotel for more detail.

The major sources of earning income for the hotel business are to provide room availability to families and special suites for newly married couples. Providing yummy dishes to visitors are another source of income. Menu is usually formulated to show the specialties of specific hotel and the prices are usually higher for these dishes. Hotel sales can therefore viewed on daily basis through these templates.

Format of Daily Hotel Sales Report Template

Hotel name and address is mentioned on the template. Start date and end date is mentioned.

  • Revenue from different sources can be viewed like beverages, food sales, bottle beer sales, liquor sales and gift card sales are added.
  • Settlement revenue is observed through assets, visa, master card and cash deposits of the hotel.

Reports formulated on the basis of sales on weekly and daily basis are presented to upper management so that they can take some good investment decision. Free templates are available which can be utilized by departmental stores and display units to observe the sales made by their business on specific date and month.

Restaurant business management is quite easier through designed templates for showing the sales trends’ of the particular dish as well as the sales pattern on daily basis. This is helpful in setting the updated prices and menu accordingly making sales reports more functional. You can also give us suggestion about Daily Hotel Sales Report Template, TrainingAbles team of expert directly keep eye on your required template and inbox you soon.

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