Computer Repair Quote Format {Word-Excel}

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You are at right platform if you need guidance for your computer repair show and you are looking for price quotation for computers in useful and easy format. Construction quote template is downloaded by construction companies to provide detailed estimation regarding price to their clients. Computer repair quote format is required to show the repair and maintenance services offer in your computer shop related to the computers and other electronics.

Some computer shops are offering services only for PC, while others are having experts to deal with systems of laptops and other related accessories to computer as well. Different company quotation template word need different work. Definitely customers are unaware of the software and hardware experts in your shop as well as charges of these services.

Computer Repair Quote Format for Computers

Check out different PC quotation in Ms Word format. Your quotation must be simple but attractive and online save for further tracking and processing. Price quotation is way to enhance our business criteria in professional way, by following the format added here:

Computer Format Quotation Format

  • Accessories: – Some repair shops are selling out accessories of PCs like headphones, USB and mouse to increase profit of the shop. Add the list of accessories in the sheet.
  • Services: – Basic profit making for your shop is possible through your services therefore add list of services like desktop clean, laptop servicing, diagnosis and tune-up.
  • Price: – Add price related to each service in front of it. If service needs replacing parts like HW installs and notebook repairs, do show the price of parts and the service charges individually.
  • Unit: – Add suitable unit along the price, add unit with the charges appropriate with the currency in your region.

Computer Repair Format Template

Your clients are easy to observe your expert services through your professional way of providing price quotes. Different types of repair and maintenance shops are available in the market, therefore, your customers can keep the quote with them and provide this sheet to the friends and relatives as well, if services are require by them.

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