10+ Printable Hotel Receipt Templates in Word Format

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Professionally structured hotel receipts are added here which are composed in word template and therefore you can easily enter the information in the receipt. Service receipt template is another document which holds much importance as it is commonly utilized with payment receipt template. You can now give excellent and remarkable experience to your hotel customers by downloading hotel receipt template word and reduce stress on your counter staff as well. You can check each and every little aspect of guest accommodation and expense through Credit Card or other cash amount.

Some Important Checklist of Hotel Billing

These items must be notice through proper channel, so this template helps you regarding documentation and further specification.

  • Double Bedroom
  • Breakfast in Restaurant
  • Massage
  • Mud Bath
  • Any Special Service (Personal)

Some people love travelling across country or to different countries as it requirement of their career and they are require to travel because of their job and initially they are required to stay in the hotel, therefore they are looking for the receipts which can provide them detailed information about the payments and charges.

Hotel Receipt Template Format Word

Hotel Receipt Template Word Format

Give discounts to your regular customers by utilizing the receipts in the following format: Check out Hotel lease agreement in printable format, must use during holidays and other days when occupancy is very little.

  • Easy to fill: table with the required headings is already added in the document; therefore filling it with the information is simple and easy.
  • Taxes: your service charges are usually excluding tax amount, however you are required to charge this amount to the customers, and therefore showing final amount is easy.
  • Additional charges: showing additional charges in the receipt is a best manner to satisfy your customers and leaving a good impression on them. Add charges like internet and phone amount in this section.
  • Net charges: if you are offering discount to your customers, do show them in the receipt before showing total payable amount.

Motel/Hotel Receipt Template Free Download in Word

If you are travelling for long distance, definitely night stay in the motel is common; however, you are required to ask for receipt before making the payment.  This receipt template is both available here in word format, which can be easily available for the owners.  Check also restaurant profit and loss statement template for financial document more easy.

Motel receipt again very similar to Hotel or Restaurant, so during financial documentation this receipt must use.

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